Trash The Dress

A unique way to make the most of your special dress and have some fun in the process.

‘Trash the Dress’ or ‘Drown the Gown’ is a very different concept, which puts your special dress in dramatic situations. Trash the dress encompasses a range of activities which you wouldn’t usually do in a wedding dress – anything from getting covered in paint, riding a horse, and recently one woman wanted to milk her cows! Drown the Gown is much the same concept, except that it is so called as it usually involves water. Brides might lie at the edge of the shoreline on a beach, or have their dress laid out across the water of a rock pool with the reflection. At the furthest end of the extreme some brides have amazing photo’s fully submerged with their dress billowing around them.

Despite the name, Trash the dress is not about ruining your dress at all – It is just a more extreme way of creating stunning and individual images. Brides which have had Trash the dress or Drown the gown sessions with the Tyack team, have often commented that the dry cleaners had worked their magic and their dress was as good as new!

Have an adventure with us at a location of your choice, or ask us for some location ideas – we have many to suit a broad range of tastes and activities!

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