Cherish the Dress

Have another chance to make the most of your special dress.

‘Cherish the Dress’ or ‘Rock the Frock’ is a way of making more of a dress you would only otherwise wear for one day. It’s a fun photo shoot which will showcase your dress to its full potential in a location of your choice.

There are many scenic areas of Cornwall, and some may be more special to you than others. If you don’t have anywhere in mind, and want something a little more unusual, then feel free to contact us for more ideas!

Cherish sessions:

. Make a great wedding present, especially as a joint gift to a bride from her bridesmaids.

. Can be used by couples who missed outdoor photos on their special day due to bad weather.

. Are great for couples who got married abroad but would like some pictures at home on their return.

. Can include anyone, up to and including the entire wedding party if you required it!